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Freeform Backgammon

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Freeform Backgammon lets you play backgammon and many of its variations on your tablet or phone. Freeform Backgammon presents you with the dice, board, and checkers just as a real backgammon set does. You need to bring two players and the rules!Freeform Backgammon enforces very few rules (just that checkers have to be on a point, the bar, or in a tray). This means you can play almost any variation of backgammon you know.
Freeform Backgammon does not have support for a computer player (no AI), you must provide an opponent (or know solitaire rules). Freeform Backgammon does not (yet) support play over the network, both players must be local.
Freeform Backgammon is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, but is best suited to displays of at least four inches diagonally. On smaller displays the checkers are necessarily smaller and may become too small to interact with reliably.
Freeform Backgammon uses Google Analytics to track installations and aggregate usage data (no personally identifying information is collected). You can choose to disable this network usage in the options menu.